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There will be total 32 or 64 classes per level. It can be once a week or twice a week. If the students have the time, we highly recommend that they come twice a week because the course per level will be completed earlier.


1. How many students are there in a class?
Maximum 10 or 20 students in a class. Depends on which one you choose.

10 students in a class-We give individual attention and normally we will do more presentation, listening, oral and etc. whereas for 20 students only oral and listening and focus more on team work.

2 Are the fees affordable?
Yes, it will only range from RM 100 plus to RM 300 plus per month. You have the option to choose a class of 10 or a class of 20 students, it will only cost RM 80 per month. The fees are depends on the number of hours and the level of the students. It can be 2 hours, 3 hours or 4 hours per week depending on the student level.

3. Can you guarantee results?
No, we do not guarantee results but we need to work together with parents .It depends on the student’s ability to absorb whatever teachers teach. For us, teachers teach 20% and students do 80%.The reason we believe that when students do most of the work, they can remember, not only by listening but also by seeing and doing.

4. Are the teachers qualified?
We take in teachers with basic educational qualifications-diploma and degree holders. These teachers will be given ample training and guidance by our trainers and senior teachers in the teaching of the BM WORLD modules. Teachers’ performance is closely monitored and skills upgraded. What is important is that the teachers have a passion to teach, which will attract the students.

5. Do you have testimonies?
Yes, we do. Please refer to our website.

6. How is your BM WORLD class conducted?
We have our own BM WORLD Modules to conduct the classes. We proceed according to their level. When Our BMW classes are more on fun learning and cater for KVA children. We do lots of fun learning methods as presentation-video, report and the students will describe in their own words in B.M.

7. Do you have any placement test?
Yes, before the students join us, they need to sit for a placement test to check their level of entry. For e.g. some of them are in Year 6, but their level is higher, they may be at a level equivalent to Form 2. However, others in Year 6, may be so weak that they have only achieved a level equivalent to Year 2! Some cannot even write proper sentences in B.M. We will put them in according to their level of their placement test results.

8. What is the process of joining BM WORLD class? And how much does the placement test costs?
Firstly, we give the students the placement tests to check their level. It costs RM 30 for each test. However, should the students decide to enroll, this amount will be waived.

After the placement tests have been marked, within 3 days the administration will inform the parents of their results. Then the parents can come to register and arrange the suitable time-table for their children at the BM WORLD Center.

9. What is the difference between BM WORLD and normal BM tuition classes?
The difference between BM WORLD and normal BM tuition is that BM WORLD focuses on fun learning to develop their interest and confidence following their level, whereas normal tuition is very strict and follows the school syllabus.

10. How often do you have evaluation tests?
On the eighth class to check whether they understand what the teacher has taught and every thirtieth class, a major assessment will be given. At the end of each module, the students will be tested. When they pass, they will move on to the next level. From the different components of the test, we will be able to diagnose the particular weaknesses of the students, that will be highlighted for future remedy.

We believe in one thing- start listening and speaking then you will start to write. (lots of discussion-more on group work).

11. Who teaches BM World classes? -Malay, Indian or Chinese teachers?
All races of teachers can teach-depending on the class. For Chinese students, we will send Malay or Indian teachers to teach BM WORLD classes.

A.  Why?
It is because if we put Chinese teachers for Chinese students, they tend to speak to them in Mandarin. The students will only improve in Mandarin and not BM.
B.  What happens when they don’t understand?
We still send Malay or Indian teachers to encourage them to speak and write. And teachers will describe even by hand gestures or drawing on the board to enable them to understand.

12.   Do your centers give homework?
Yes, it depends on the class. Especially UPSR/PBSMR/SPM Year students. But for non-exam years, we will give very minimum. The reason is to develop their interest and confident in BM.