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What is BMWorld

BM WORLD offers an innovative, contemporary and fun-filled teaching approach to learn Bahasa Malaysia. We teach Bahasa Malaysia through fun activities such as drama, story telling and games. We match the student’s proficiency to the right syllabus to maximise their learning. We hold small class size of 10 students to ensure better focus.


According to a research conducted by World Franchising Network, there are 4 major factors to consider when you choose a franchise


BM WORLD certainly fits the bill in all your criteria :
Low start-up fee
• Immediate access to a large target group from elementary to high school students
Fast return on investment in as early as 12 months
• Noticeable progress in students that ensures business continuity
• Unique option of engaging BM WORLD to provide teachers and ongoing support in training, marketing and

Strong 10 years of experience in education business from the founding company Seri Puncak

“I, as a proud parent, wish to thank the dedicated and hardworking teachers of BM WORLD for helping my child achieve great success in her studies. I highly recommend BM WORLD to any parents who wish to have their children achieve great results in their studies.”- Chong Yen Lin, Father of  Melissa Chong Jia Ying